My art & design students at upward mobility project are taking part in this years world community arts day –

As you may ( or may not!) know Upward Mobility is celebrating World Community Arts by exhibiting our large paper boat that the Art & Design students have created in gallery 2 at the Arts Complex from Friday the 17th-Monday the 20th February.

On Friday afternoon from 2-4 pm, we would like for you to join us for a juice and some snacks.
But if you fancy a wine or two, Derek and Dale from the Arts Complex have kindly donated wine for us to enjoy from 4.30/5 – 7 pm.

So please join us in celebration during these times this Friday….And feel free to pass this onto others!
For more information please dont hesitate to contact me.
I have included soem more information about the event below.

Hope to see you there!

A Charity based in Edinburgh’s Arts Complex is celebrating World Community
Arts Day on the 17th of February 2012 (a global event which was created
locally) by paying homage to George Wyllie’s paper boat and the origami
paper boats made for a World Community Arts Day event.
Upward Mobility Project’s Art & Design students have been building a large
cardboard boat inspired by George Wyllie’s ‘Paper Boat’ and the many other
origami paper boats collected for a World Community Arts Day event. The
students and residents of the Art Complex have drawn,painted,printed and
written messages that have been collaged onto the paper boat in response to
the motto for World Community Arts Day – ‘Art as a catalyst for caring and
The boat will be exhibited at the Arts Complex from 17th – 20th February
2012, with a celebratory ‘launch’ from 2-4 pm (and for wine from 4-7) on Friday the 17th of February.

We would like to invite the public to view this exhibition in celebration
of World Community Arts Day.
And for this event to be known to the public to extend the message of what
World Community Arts Day is all about.