Back in 2012, following a solo in the Lake District, England, I joined the ‘Flock’ community arts project which went on to hold the Guinness World record of the largest display of handmade sheep (8,998). With the go ahead from Eden Arts to bring the project to Australia in 2013, I joined forces with Pyrenees Presents (a small community arts organisation in Victoria) as their President and The Pompom Parade project in Australia began. Program partners- The National Wool Museum got on board, and a few months as their Artist in Residence, we smashed the current world record in October 2015 – 13,652!
Thank you to everyone that helped me make this happen. To all that got on board & to the many hundreds of people that made the many thousands of Pompom Sheep across Australia – your time and creativity has made this happen.

To celebrate, we will be having a get together at Stawell’s Winter Woolly Festival on July 8th, 9th and 10th.

Community Arts inspires, encourages,motivates,uplifts and stimulates. It’s so important.