There’s been quite a lot happening since my last update in October 2016.

Edgar John Francis-Peacock was born on the 14th of January, 2017.

I returned to my role as Senior Instructor in January 2018, but remained in this role for only a few months as I joined the NDIS via the Brotherhood of St Laurence as a Local Area Coordinator in April. This was my first ever full time desk job, and it didn’t take long for me to learn that I need to be with and around people; working in the community.

In July 2018 I was nude on national television, as I was selected to be interviewed with a few others about the Spencer Tunnick installation of which I was to take part in.

It was at this time that Edgar became quite sick with Mastoiditis and spent a week in hospital. And also the time that Mark was offered a job……..In Regional Queensland.

So in September 2018, the three of us and our Miniature Groodle Louie moved to Gladstone, 1 hour South of Rockhampton.

I have been pretty quiet with making art in the past couple of years, and also in Community Arts.

There have been a few private commissions here and there, and with the move much of work was sold at a heavily discounted price, but placed on the walls of some very beautiful homes – one of which won a design prize.

One of my sculptures made a few years ago now got a mention

Art was made for a wedding present for our two dearest friends (who just happen to also have the names Mark and Melissa!)

I handed over Drawsome to some other wonderful creative types, and it was great to see it continuing when I returned briefly after maternity leave.

I donated some work to be auctioned to Villa Maria Catholic Homes for their fundraiser in May 2017.

My first week in the NDIS office was quiet, so I was assigned to develop a mural for the workplace.

As Edgar has gotten a little older, our activities have begun to revolve around being creative. He is an avid drawer and painter, and absolutely loves spending time at his easel.

This last Christmas we collaborated on building a Christmas tree made from our moving boxes and lots of my old artwork.

But the biggest and boldest step that I have taken up recently is setting up my business ‘A Country Arts Practice’.

Combining my 20 + year career in Disability and 20+ years as a Visual and Community Artist, the business focuses on creating opportunities in the Community and Visual Arts for everybody in Gladstone Region, Queensland.

I have been fortunate enough to be accepted in the NEIS program where I will receive training and mentoring to set up the business.

I have already had a huge amount of support and have started my first project, which will be to celebrate World Community Arts day for 2019.

I will be developing a page on this website specifically for the business, but updates can also be found @acountryartspractice.

I have also set up a GoFundMe campaign to get the business off the ground.

It will run for another month or so, and can be found at:

2019 looks set to be a pretty exciting year.

More updates soon. Thanks for tuning in.