Hi Ruby. How are you? What have you been up to? 

I am currently painting Rocks

Question 1. 

Tell me about your life so far- what have you been doing over the years? 

Answer 1: I am highly involved in Special Olympics Australia and am now a Director on the national board. I started out competing as a swimmer around the age of 10 and 

Competed for Australia in the Asia Pacific Games in Newcastle, have been to Australians Nationals twice and have won multiple medals over the years – Open Water being one of my favourite events. I have also volunteered at the junior national games and look forward to doing so again in the near future.

I was a Participant in the 2018 Commonwealth Games Queens Baton relay.

Love animals of all sorts, especially horses and ponies and have competed in Riding for Disabled Association in many local rural shows.

I am very creative and enjoy being involved in many local community art projects and competitions.

When did you move to Gladstone and why? 

Answer 2: I have lived in Gladstone for many years since I was about 4yrs of age and we moved here from the NT due to my Dad getting a job here and my little sister was born here.

What were you doing before the COVID 19 restrictions and how has it changed your life? 

Answer 3: Before Covid19 I was quite busy working part time at IE Cafe in Tannum and attending Collective Enterprise programs at The GCLA Hub where I could socialise, express my talents through art and learn new skills. I was also travelling alot for Special Olympics board meetings as well as to attend retreats and workshops with Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Queensland.

What have you been doing during the restrictions? 

Answer 4: During restrictions I have been keeping myself busy with art and craft at home as well as taking care of my pets and going for walks. I have also been keeping in touch with my friends in Brisbane through social media.

Do you think your life will have changed next year because of COVID 19? Obviously due to restrictions I have had to stop all of these activities other than meetings online and have struggled a bit with not being able to get out and have these social interactions.

Following this interview, the work was partially completed so as to continue the collaboration with Ruby……”Half way through the piece, I came to a stand still. Something didn’t feel right, it wasn’t working. Then I realised that I still need to keep collaborating with this very talented artist. So this Friday, I’m ‘handballing’ this one to Ruby to finish.

‘Ruby’s rock paintings in the water by the lap rings’, Pastel and pencil on Arches paper. June 2020.

For developments and outcomes of the artwork that was created in response to this interview, follow me @acountryartspractice #cqrasn #toughandtenderbeauty