Today was the first time in a month since I have been to the Botanic Walk, Canoe Point ( which is the site for my project ‘From the Ground Up’.) I’ve had a ‘bung’ knee, that’s lead to working mainly in the studio. But this time has allowed concepts and ideas to develop at home, so that a series of ephemeral installations on site Can be produced.

‘The land can’t speak for itself’ is what Marrawah Johnson said (In something that I read recently). And this statement really resonates with me. In my two months interacting with this space, it shares with me a gift. But it is unspoken. I feel nourished in so many ways being in this landscape, and wanted to capture this.

Offering bowls and gift boxes came to mind to present to the land. To introduce each to the site. To add, compliment, interact. To say thanks.To become an addition to the sense of space and what it shares with me. To also capture the relationship between the people that spend time in and around the area.

I walked, watched and observed. Collecting visual data and trialling spots and spaces that spoke to the shapes and forms that I was offering. Some said yes, many said no, The organic Structures stationary In spots and lay quietly – offering play but no sense of perfection. Just ideas. It’s how I saw things on my last visit when I cam across a deflated plastic ball. Dusted in sand and it’s colours sunburnt. It’s man-made-ness established some kind of aesthetic that really captured my imagination. But I hesitated in applauding it’s beauty because it was made from plastic. So I picked it up and disposed of it – then began to think about what I could share with the landscape. It oblivious to what my intentions were, but a promise that it would be thoughtful.

This landscape does not my know story. And I am not entirely informed with it’s either. But it has offered me a great send of peace, reflection and admiration. That, I think deserves a gift.

Handmade botanical bowls on sand. Canoe Point, Tannum Sands. July 2020