On Wednesday I walked into a space that exudes creative enthusiasm, a collective of cultural wisdom – and I was very much drawn to the feeling that Shelley Pisani @theideasdistillery refers to as “the overwhelm”. 

This is where the gathering of great thoughts spark, bums parked.

We were all here to make the arts bigger – to meet those that are unreachable. And while I  was swarmed with a social ease, I was unprepared with how intimated I felt.

The arrival of Dave mangenner Gough’ Welcome to Country was captivating – another beautiful example of a socially engaged artist and cultural activist. 

When their is powerful provocation happening – make something! 

Culturally informed, effective immediately!

Greg Clarke’s Love Letter to Launceston made me laugh. Each state competing with being the best!

I was somehow reminded of Paul Kelly’s song “Every %^$^$% city looks the same” and far from the truth this was for me right now. I’m a lover of Launceston too. And now Toowomba was giving me eye-gasms too!

You’re all winners!

I soaked up why, when, where and how we make it. We make it for anything & everything. But hope do we establish the authentic connections from a grassroots capacity; from the ground up? 

Us artists are amongst us all to build strong and healthy relationships and communities. 

I scanned the auditorium, and tuned into the Slido app, which was bursting with questions, statements and enquires. 

I paid too much attention, and my brain although super inspired, was tired. Requiring hydration with a thirst for more knowledge on what was to come next. 

My connection to country was dawn in, with the statement of how it can be a crust, a layer or in parts. But just because it is not obvious to us, it doesn’t mean that someone’s connection isn’t there. It may have passed – it could be a memory….It’s there; its everywhere for them. By making art on this subject, we can bring that connection back to life- to what a place really and/or already is (under the surface if relevant). These places can be reimagined by community participation….Getting Regional and remote places moving – active together. To build a new environment with an experience that connects to said country. This coincides with the ongoing label of being site-specific. By creating intimate spaces for outdoor places.

I think it was Jessica Devereux that said “ask emerging artists –

“What colour do you want your grass to be?”

I was sold. All of them, I thought to myself.