Recent auction

Friday night saw the auction of two of my small drawings (approximately 10 x 10 cm) – proceeds were donated to the project that I work for.
A bright buzz filled the room- and the works were sold for £130!

Sunday autumn eve

I must have the bright orange sunny Australian days that are slowly creeping up in the skies in my thoughts, as I bake a batch of poppy seed and orange biscuits.Then onto a pot of pumpkin and carrot with cumin soup. Cooking inspires many visual delights!
Oh and I have finally put up images of my most recent exhibition
All works are sale
Contact me for any queries.

Politics Festival

Attended the festival of politics today at scottish parliament with one of my students from upward mobility project. Marsaili Farquhar performed in the play ‘nighthawks’ by wave theatre. I then attended a discussion entitled ‘culture for the people by the people’ with a fantastic panel and crowd of people in the room- an hour just scratched the surface of thoughts ideas and opinions.
Great day